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Designing A Sensory Room

Our expert Sensory Designers can create the perfect Multi Sensory environment to suit your requirements and the needs of your users. Our team will create a Sensory Room Design completely free of charge, and we quote plans and prices which are tailored to your budget. These can also be based on the equipment purchased and include installation if desired. If you are thinking about designing a sensory room; our expertise, customer service and attention to detail should make us your first choice!

Complete our Free Sensory Room Design form below or contact us on our Toll Free Number: 1-800-882-4045

We also offer a range of 'off the shelf' Sensory Room design solutions. Our Multisensory Room Packages are perfect for customers who already have a good idea of what equipment they want in their sensory space, and feel comfortable carrying out a basic installation with detailed instructions. Designing a sensory room is something we do regularly, we are able to tailor an environment to suit the space that you have and to help those in your care.


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